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Company values

Company Values


We uphold to the highest standards of integrity to provide value to our customers.


Our products are the greatest quality that we can provide so our customers can get the best experience in our games.

Constant Improvement

Our company and our products are always evolving. There is always more to learn.


Committed to do what we love in heart and mind. To stay on course with our commitments.


Its nobodies fault but mine. We take ownership to our mistakes.

Story of PurrrCloud

How, when and why Lauri created PurrrCloud? Where did the idea came from? What PurrrCloud all about and what does the future hold?

The story of PurrrCloud began in early 2021. Lauri was tired of working in a factory that didn’t even appreciate his contribution. He had been working there over 4 years now and it was time to move on.

The previous summer Lauri did some online courses to keep educating himself and he stumbled upon a Game Development course. He did the course and it was fun. Nothing more. But he wondered how deep into the rabbit hole he could go until he was bored again and searched for something new and exiting. Well… It hasn’t happened yet.

But it was just a hobby. Something to do after work or on the free weekends. True. Until people in his workplace began quitting or they were fired. Then Lauri understood that he too should make that transition. But getting a job in gaming industry without any qualifications is more than just hard. So he made a plan: Save up 5000€ and give himself half a year to study as much as he can. (The sum was approximate for half a year expenses.)

In April 2021 he quit his job. Luckily in his country the government helps unemployed workers a bit. Not so much so he could stay unemployed forever but enough so he could pay the rent with the support money.

So he kept on learning and looking for job opportunities and one popped up out of nowhere, while talking to his friend. His friend, who was also making a transition, was making a startup and needed a person who made games for kids so speech therapists could use them. But as it is with startups – a lot of work but no reward for quite a while.

Lauri is still part of the startup team and making games for them but also he realized he needed to make some money somehow. The reserves don’t last forever.

That’s where PurrrCloud idea came. The name is that because PurrCloud with 2 R’s was taken. The Purrr – was for the love for the cats (he has one right now) and the Cloud – was because it is a digital product.

Then he began to make the first game. Block Break – Extreme Edition. It was a simple game he made in one of the courses but wanted to make it complex and add his own flavor to it. Retro steampunk style with some space background. Since he started this project with only couple of months worth of knowledge there was a lot of Googling How To do something or what thing mean. Later he went back to the courses to learn things he didn’t even know to ask for or to search and there was still a lot to learn. So he kept improving the game.

Lauri wanted to release the game in September already but changed his mind for couple of reasons. Firstly – the governments support would have been canceled right away, whether he made some money or not, and also, he needed to make an official company, so the taxes are payed.

In February the first game was ready to go on pre-registration stage. The promo video was done and so were the Google Play Store pictures. All colorful and bright.

PurrrCloud Team

Team will grow as the company grows in size and in value

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